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A Review on Evaluating the Major Reasons Why Indian Students Prefer To Study in Canada

In the current times, there is a huge increase in the Indian students preferring Canada to pursue their higher studies. About 75,000 student visas are approved to the Indian students in the year 2017. It is estimated that the number will reach to 1,25,000 this year. These facts show that the interest of the Indian students to study in Canada is augmented rapidly seeking research dependent education and project-based education system. Indeed, most of the companies are also accepting students who completed their education from the topmost universities and colleges in Canada.

Let’s us understand the key reasons why Indian Students prefer to study in Canada.

A Broad range of education initiatives:

Canadian education system supports a broader range of education initiatives such as PG degrees, UG degrees, certificate programs, short-term courses diploma courses associated to dissimilar industries for the students who prefer to study in Canada. All these courses are associated with software industry, medicine, telecommunications, agriculture, paramedical technology business, environmental science, and fisheries.

Reasonable pay structure:

Canada offers the reasonable pay structure when contrasted to other prominent countries seeking foreign education such as US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia to the students who wish to pursue their study in Canada.

Monitory advantage or Subsidy:

The Canadian government believes that the foreign students entering their country for higher studies can bring in new ideas to develop and thus contribute to improving the economy. Hence, it offers the subsidy or monitory benefits to the students who wish to study in Canada.

Optimistic career growth and development:

Completing education in Canadian universities can help the students to build their career growth since most of the companies look for such qualified candidates nowadays.

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