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What is the difference between Australia subclass 189 and subclass 190 visas?

Australia is a country of opportunities that is looking for skilled immigrants to come and fulfill the skills gap in the country. Australia has different visa options under which you can apply for Australia PR. Australia subclass 189 and subclass 190 are two work visa categories that offers your permanent residency in the country. Subclass 189 and 190 visas, both have some similarities and differences. Whether you apply for subclass 189 visa or subclass 190 visa, you need to clear the skills assessment which is based on a points system.

Eligibility criteria to apply for apply for Australia PR

 Subclass 189 visa

 Subclass 189 visa is known as a skilled independent visa. If you want to apply for subclass 189 visa you need to score 60 points in the skills assessment which is based on factors such as your age, experience and education. In addition to scores, your skills and experience should match with the jobs in the skilled occupation list.

 Subclass 190 visa

 It is also called as skilled nomination visa. Eligibility criteria is a similar to subclass 189 the only difference is that you should be nominated by a state or territory in Australia and after receiving the PR, you have to live and work in that state or territory.

 Advantages of having an Australia PR

  • High salaried jobs
  • Great lifestyle
  • Free and high quality education for your children
  • Free health benefits
  • Permanent residency in Australia
  • After 4 continuous years of stay, you can apply for the citizenship

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