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What is Australia resident return visa?

You can apply for Australia returning residents if you are an Australia permanent resident or Australian citizen or former permanent resident. You are also considered as Australian returning resident if you have served Australian Defence Services and meet the requirements of Migration Regulations’ of 2007. You will be also considered as Australia returning resident if you meet the defence service applicant. Applicants falling under all these categories can apply for Australia Return Visas.

If your application is approved under Australia resident return visa, then you can live, work and travel across Australia as permanent residents. You can travel in and out of Australia for number of times you want within the next 5 years, till your return resident visa is valid. Whether you are already residing in Australia or living overseas, you can apply for Australia Return Resident Visa.

Different types of Australia Resident Return Visa

There are two categories of resident return visas and they are subclass 155 and subclass 157.

Are you a permanent resident or former permanent resident of Australia still having the permanent visa or a citizen Australia who has lost your citizenship? Then you can apply back for Australian permanent residency in Australia if you have resident return visa under any of these categories 155 or through 157.

Advantages of Australia return resident visa

If you are a return resident visa holder then you are permitted to work and reside in the country. You can also study and travel and also enjoy the medical benefits like any other permanent resident visa holder.

Eligibility requirements for subclass 155 Resident return visa

  • You should be an Australia permanent resident at present
  • You should have lived in Australia for at least 2 continuous years within last 5 years before applying for the visa.
  • All your personal details should be correct and match with the details that are on your earlier permanent resident visa.
  • If you want to reapply for your permanent residency back through RRV visa, then you should show your proof health and character certificate.
  • You can also apply for Australian citizenship on meeting the requirements.

Difference between 155 RR visa ad 157 RR visas

Applicants under the RRVs are allowed to travel to and fro from the country for any number of times they wish until their visa is valid. The main difference between the subclass 155 and subclass 157 are there travel facilities.

  • A 155 RRV visa holder can travel for 5 years from the date of visa approval
  • A 157 RRV visa holder can travel for only 3 months from the date of visa approval.

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