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What are the professions to top Australia’s Skilled Occupation List in 2019

What are the professions to top Australia’s Skilled Occupation List in 2019?


 If you are thinking to migrate to Australia, it is important to have a sound idea about the job market and the employment opportunities it holds for immigrants like you. In this blog, we’ll discuss about the jobs that might top the skilled occupation list in 2019 for. |If you are keen on Australian immigration and want to work there, you should know which job roles have the highest opportunities in Australia.


The list mentioned below is just a glimpse of the huge opportunities that Australia immigration can open up in front of you. A close look at the skilled occupation list of Australia reveals that Australia always has huge requirements normally in three job roles


Some jobs in the skilled occupation list in 2019?

Occupation List
Accountant (General) MLTSSL
Advertising Manager STSOL
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics) STSOL
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical) STSOL
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures) STSOL
Analyst Programmer MLTSSL
Architect MLTSSL
Building and Engineering Technicians nec Regional
Cardiologist MLTSSL
Chemical Engineer MLTSSL
Civil Engineer MLTSSL
Computer Network and Systems Engineer MLTSSL
Copywriter STSOL
ICT Business Analyst MLTSSL
ICT Project Manager STSOL
ICT Support and Test Engineers nec STSOL
Electrician (General) MLTSSL
Electrician (Special Class) Electrician (Special Class)
Electronic Equipment Trades Worker MLTSSL
Electronic Instrument Trades Worker MLTSSL
Interpreter STSOL
Judicial and Other Legal Professionals nec STSOL
Private Tutors and Teachers nec STSOL
Secondary School Teacher MLTSSL
Teacher of the Hearing and Visually Impaired MLTSSL

The 3 normally jobs that have high requirements are as follows:

  1. Teacher– There is a huge deficit of qualified teachers for Math and Science. However, the increase in the number of primary students will increase the demand for more Part-time teachers. Teachers will have a higher opportunity in the 2019 skilled occupation list for Australia.
  2. IT professional – The major infrastructural development in Australia has opened up more job opportunities for IT professionals. It can be foreseen that 2019 will be a better year for IT professionals having Australian immigration on their mind.
  3. Skilled Traders and Electricians– Currently, Australia is facing a huge shortage of skilled Traders and Electricians, especially in the construction sector. Hence, there are plenty of job opportunities in similar job roles.

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