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What All Do You Need To Migrate To Australia With Study Visa?

Australia has become the hotshot destination for immigration these days due to the high standard of living and good career opportunities. Further, because of the low population in Australia, it is also looking for highly skilled foreign workers by offering lucrative packages to the immigrants.  Also, Australia’s beautiful landscape with pristine beaches and forests make a complete living package for the immigrant.

Australia has two-step immigration services in which the temporary skilled worker visas and study visas are the short-term visas and the Permanent Residency visas (PR) status are the long-term visas both are applicable.

Why Should Someone Study in Australia?

For someone who is planning to study in Australia, there are amazing lucrative options available and the standard of education is also highly scholastic. Some of the top rank colleges in the world are in Australia, and these are specialized in offering a wide range of courses to the students with flexible curricular, workshops and seminars.  This makes the student well equipped and efficient after the finish of the coursework.  Further, the cost of living in Australia is also nominal as compared to the United Kingdom or America.  However, certain universities also have the option to allow the students to work while they study, moreover, 20 hours of work per week is important. Hence, the hard work and dedication of the teaching discipline will help the student in strengthening their academic.

What Are The Visa Options for Australia?

Australia provides the immigrants with a lot of flexibility as it allows them to apply for both short-term and a long-term visa. There are all sorts of students in Australia, some come for six months of study while others can stay up to 3 years and finish the course. Also, there is no age limit for the Australian Study visa and you can apply at any age for the same. However, there are applicable conditions for someone who is under 18 years of age and applying for an Australian Study visa.

 The study visa will depend largely on the program the candidate will choose-

  • For a six-month course, the visa will be valid for six months.
  • For a 3-year program, the visa will be valid for three years.

It has to be remembered that, for a study visa it is important that the candidate chooses a program which is between 12 to 52 weeks.

Further, to apply for an Australia study visa, the required steps are

  • The student needs to decide on the course and college to study
  • Submit the application to the college
  • Receive an acceptance letter from the university
  • Receive electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCOE)
  • Apply for the Student visa

The Australia Student visa processing is done under the Subclass 500. The Australia Student visa processing is done under the Subclass 500, the stay is valid for up to 5 years. The processing time for this visa will vary as per the candidate’s credentials and the course applied.

However, the candidate should be able to prove the welfare arrangement if he/she is under 18 years of age. The average cost of applying through this category is 575 Australian Dollars and the candidate is allowed to bring his family members as well.

Another way of applying for the Student Visa is through Temporary Graduate Visa (Sub class 485). The stay with this visa is for 18 months and the processing time of the application is generally 4 to 5 months. This is for students who have graduated with skills and are looking for further study options. This visa also allows the candidate to immigrate with family.  There is also the option of Spa ouse visa for the PG students in Australia.

What is the Role of Immigration Consultancy in Getting the Australia Study Visa?

For someone immigrating to Australia on a study visa, the selection of the right course and right university is as important as getting the visa. There are over 540 universities in Australia and most of the universities have high rank worldwide.  But for choosing the right university for your best career needs, it has to be researched and evaluated properly before jumping in the application process. Good immigration consultants not only help you with the visa application processing and documentation but also help you in making the right choice for your future.

From the number of years, Kansas Overseas Careers has been consequentially providing expert advice and counseling to candidates who are with a hope to migrate to Australia. We are the authorized representatives for Australia Immigration and to get assistance from our expert consultants, contact us @ 040-40307077.

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