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Ways to Simplify Your Canada Spousal Sponsorship Visa Program

Things are simple and best, when we travel with our loved ones. But, to build our career or improve our financial status, sometimes it is needed to move far or to stay alone. Though the effort is to live a happy future, there will be a hassle while living apart. Canada has many of such people, who travel from foreign countries in order to build a secured future. The Government of Canada understood this, and has implemented the Canada Spousal Sponsorship Visa Program to bring smiles of their immigrants with Canada immigration.

What is the Canada Spousal Sponsorship Visa Program?

This visa is a pathway to sponsor a common-law partner or their spouse for Canada immigration. Also, it is a gateway for their spouse or common-law partner to become the Canadian Permanent Resident. This visa is also termed as the Family Class Application. Within this, Canada succeeds in uniting the families of their immigrants.

What are the eligibility requirements to sponsor?

In order to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner to migrate to Canada, the candidates need to meet the below requirement:

  • Must be 18 years and above
  • If living in Canada’s Quebec Province, Spouse should qualify the factors of Quebec government
  • Should be a Canadian Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen or an immigrant registered in Canada as an Indian
  • Need of sufficient Proof of Funds
  • Shouldn’t be suspended by the IRCC to sponsor

The conditions to get sponsored are:

  • The person who is getting sponsored should be above 18 years
  • The relation between sponsored and getting sponsored person should be true/valid

What are the steps for Sponsoring?

Canada has introduced its simplest Canada immigration system to make their candidates reunite with their families. The candidates who are being sponsored have to prove that they are in the true relationship as a Spouse or Common-law partner or Conjugal partner.

Then, candidate who is sponsoring has to be follow a two-stage process.

  • There are two applications: Inland Sponsorship for spouses who are already living in Canada and Outland Sponsorship for spouses living outside Canada.
  • Candidates processing outside the country should wait until their application at Case Processing Center (CPC) is approved. Later, they CPC application is sent to nearest visa office processing for Canada.
  • Spouse or the common-law partner who staying at the borders of Canada with an intension to become Canadian Permanent Resident through sponsorship are granted with “open work permit”.
  • The processing time of the Canada Spousal Sponsorship Visa Programs is within a year.

How to start my Visa Process?

Since, the Canada Spousal  Sponsorship Visa Program has many requirements which may confuse in the application process. It is better to opt for an immigration consultants for quick process.

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