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Want To Apply For Canada Tourist Visa From India – Know Your Eligibility Requirements Now

Canada is one of the topmost destinations with stunning scenery and friendly people around the world. If you are planning to visit Canada from India for the first time, then you need to apply for the exact visa category based on your purpose of visit. To get the Canada Tourist Visa, it is not essential for you to visit visa consultants and embassies several times now. Canada has initiated a new easy scheme known as CAN+ from the year 2014 to provide the Canada Tourist Visas for the Indians. However, the CAN+ scheme is accessible only to Indians, Chinese and Mexicans only.

You can obtain your Canada Tourist Visa until your passport is legally valid using CAN+ scheme. You may obtain several entry visas for 5 years if your passport validity is for another 5 years. If your passport validity is for 10 years, then you may obtain 10-year several entry visas. But, only the immigration officer decides the duration of your stay in Canada based on your visiting purpose. Hence, if you wish to apply for Canada Tourist Visa, then visit visa consultants today.


  • Must have a valid Indian passport and relevant documents
  • Must show the funding supporting your stay in Canada
  • Clearly, demonstrate that you return to your home country
  • Should be in good health conditions and meet the character requirements

Required Documents:

  • Have original passports with 6 months validity from date of arrival in Canada
  • Submit old passports if applicable
  • Visa application forms
  • Photographs
  • Covering letter with full details
  • Invitation letter
  • Hotel reservations
  • Last 6 months salary statements if job holder
  • Day to day tour schedule
  • Air Ticket
  • Shop Act/MOA/Deed if self -employed
  • Last 6 months – Original personal bank statements updated with enough balance
  • Income Tax returns / Form 16 for last 3 years

If you still need to know about the Canada Tourist Visa requirements and documentation, then talk to Visit Visa Consultants for immediate assistance now. You can consult Kansas Overseas Careers, the prominent visa consultants to seek advice on your visit visa.

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