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Canada Permanent Residency- the varied ways to get Canadian PR

Getting a Canadian permanent residency in 2017 has become easier than before. Thanks to the ease of immigration Canada has brought into its system this year and the varied options Canada has opened up this year for immigrants. Have a look at the different options available for Canada immigration in 2017.

Best Canada Immigration Programs:

Canada Express Entry

After finding continuous loopholes in a quota-based system, the Canadian government decided to have a system that justifiably allows skilled workers into the country rather than unskilled workers. It is in January 2015, the Canadian Immigration department came up with Canada Express Entry as a solution. This system covered various programs of PR and proved to be the most justified system of Canadian history. It is an electronic system that works on a points-based structure. This means that an applicant willing to migrate to Canada needs to undergo a standard points test. Factors like age, education, work experience, English language skills will be assessed and profile will be ranked. Based upon the ranking, Canada invites eligible candidates. This way, applicants who are more needed by Canada to grow their economy will have a chance and eliminate the unjustified entries of quota-based selection.  Programs of this system are designed to suit various categories of people and are here as follows:

Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is for candidates, who have skills, caliber and experience required by Canada. Based on the core human capital factors a PR visa under this program can be applied.

Federal Skilled Trades Program: This program is for candidates who are specialized in a specific trade with a valid certification.

Canadian Experience Class: This program is for candidates who have Canadian work experience to show up. This is best visa program for temporary workers or professionals residing on TRV to become Canadian permanent residents.

Provincial Nomination Programs: Several provinces of Canada have severe shortage of skilled workforce. When they are unable to find talent within the country, they offer nominations under this program to candidates with extra ordinary caliber outside and invite them for PR.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

In 2017, Canada felt the need of filling skilled workers in four Atlantic Provinces at a faster pace. It is then, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program came into action. Through this program, candidates struggling for high IELTS and also the ones who do not have much work experience are given a chance to apply for PR; provided that they hold a valid job offer from a Canadian employer of any four of these provinces.

Quebec – a separate entity

While everyone may know Quebec as a part of Canada, when it comes to immigration, this province is a completely separate entity. Anyone willing to migrate to Quebec for a permanent stay must separately apply for Quebec immigration under Mon Projet Quebec, receive his CSQ and then apply for Canada PR.

Immigration Programs for families (after PR)

Canada is a nation that strongly emphasizes on family re-unification. For this very reason, it allows accompanying members on same PR visa category. But, just in case any professional wants to move to Canada, settle in with a good job and then invite his family for a permanent stay, the family migration programs help him do so.  Some of the most common family immigration programs are:

  • Federal Spousal Sponsorship (spouse or common-law partner)
  • Provincial Family Class Sponsorship
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship
  • Parents & Grand Parents Sponsorship
  • Super Visa Program

Since each program has a different purpose to serve, let help you choose the right visa for you. Consult our Expert for a quick assessment and know the best and simplest pathway for your Canada PR.

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