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UK’s high quality STEM education- a reason for increased immigration

As of the surveys, UK is a nation which throws a range of quality education opportunities for overseas education. One of such opportunities is the STEM program, comprising of science, technology, engineering and math courses, which has been the magnetizing element for overseas students for quite a time now.

A recent analysis from the British Council states that when asked most of international students about pursuing the STEM courses, 50 percent of them preferred UK as the nation holds a high reputation when it comes to education. About 29 percent agreed on the fact that the qualification from this nation holds good scope, giving way to great career prospects. While a group of students, constituting about 21 percent, reluctantly chose the nation because of the presence of relatives or friends in the respective nation.

The similar opinions came up from the international postgraduate students of STEM, keeping UK’s excellent education system at top priority. About 40 percent of students said they had preferred UK for perusing STEM course because of its abundant career opportunities while 23 percent considered UK to be a nation with intense innovation, which certainly is an essential factor that should be considered for STEM course.

Concluding, the reports stated that the survey found out about 1,384 students, belonging to various countries preferred UK for pursuing their STEM course, for a very reason; high quality education

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