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Things You Need To Know About Quebec Immigration Visa Requirements In Canada Immigration

Canada is one of the popular countries recognized for its edifying diversity and legacy. The skilled candidates prefer migrating to Canada as it provides a range of career opportunities and as well it involves very simple and easy procedure compared to other immigration processes.

Also, the country’s government has been advancing numerous migration programs for the benefit of their interested applicants. The popular Canada immigration ways include:

  • Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Visa
  • Canada Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Programs

Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Visa

If you are interested in Canada immigration and want to apply for Quebec Immigration visa, you need to acquire the certificate of selection. However, the procedure to apply for Quebec immigration is rather different. This program is mainly intended to meet the requirements of interested foreign-skilled workers who desire to stay and live permanently in the province of Quebec. Quebec has a special contract on Canada immigration with the Canada Government to avail the Quebec immigration visa.

Hence, you need to reach various requirements such as French language competence, possess Quebec regions of training points, obtain Quebec immigration points and meet the sole Quebec labor rules and regulations to attain the Quebec Immigration visa. After meeting all these requirements, the candidate is then satisfied for meeting specifically to the province of Quebec. Hence, the application need to be sent to CIC in order to apply for permanent residency.

Canada Express Entry System

Express Entry system program is an electronic process, introduced by the Government of Canada in order to rectify the flaws occurred in the previous immigration system. It is based on point system and a candidate is intended to gain a minimum 67 points for eligibility. Also, the point distribution is based on the candidate’s core human factors such as age, education, work experience, adaptability and more. Based on their score, they are placed in the Express Entry Pool. Here, the candidates with the high CRS score receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) faster.

Provincial Nominee Program

The provinces of Canada participate within the program, in order to fill their labor market. The candidates meeting the eligibility of the province, receive a Nomination Letter with bonus of 600 CRS score. This score multiplies the candidates CRS score, hence, the candidate can receive an ITA in the mere future draws conducted by the CIC.

If planning to get settled in Quebec, it is better to opt for a reputed and strong consultancy for easy immigration process.

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