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The Vital Points To Get Skilled Worker Visa In Australia Immigration

Australia offers General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programs for foreign-skilled immigrants to work and settle in the country. If you are an experienced and skilled worker desire to settle in Australia, then you apply to the Skilled Worker Visa program by submitting your relevant details to be granted with a Skilledselect visa. The factors such as your age, education, work experience and skill set are determined to avail a Skilled Worker Visa in. It is essential to attain at least 65 points to enjoy the benefits of Australia PR.

Let us check the essential points that a Skilled Worker Visa applicant need to acquire in Australia Immigration:


You can attain a maximum of 30 points if your age is in between 25 -32 years.


If your IELTS band test score is 8 or more, then you can avail 20 points and 10 points for band 7 for a Skilled Worker Visa.

Skilled Employment:

You can get 20 points if you are employed in Australia when compared to overseas applicants who can claim up to 15 points only. About 5-point score difference can be viewed relatively among the Australian applicants and overseas applicants.

Your Educational Qualifications:

If you are a Ph.D. holder, you can score up to 20 points, 15 points for bachelor or master’s degree and 10 points for an Australian Diploma. Also, if you have completed a 2-year study program in Australian regions, you can get 5 points.

Partner/Spouse Skills and Qualifications:

Though your partner is non-resident of Australia, but possess adequate expertise to his/her credit, you can get up to 5 points on the behalf of your partner. But, he/she need to reach the GSM needs with a nominated job and IELTS score for a Skilled Worker Visa in Australia Immigration.

Sponsorship & Nomination:

If you have received any sponsorship from Australian state or territory, you can easily get points under Skilled Nominated Visa – Subclass 190 and Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Visa (Provisional) – Subclass 489 in Australia Immigration.

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