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The Outlook Of Canada Immigration – Rise In Canada PR Applications By The Year 2021

India consists of about 1.3 billion people and spread all over the world. It is a land of skilled and technical workforce. Hence, a huge number of skilled workers tend to move foreign countries for better career aspects. The percentage of Indians applying for Canada PR is also rising in Canada immigration.

According to the recent statistics, it is found that about 225,000 Indian citizens will apply for Canada PR in the next three years if the current Canada immigration number trends continue the same. It is observed that about 60,915(nearly 22%) out of 276,380 in total new Canada PR applications were Indians only. Hence, applying those numbers to Canada’s three-year immigration levels plot, it is found that 73,000 Indians will apply for Canada PR to get an invite in the year 2019 followed by over 75,000 in 2020 and 77,000 in 2021 respectively. However, you can witness these numbers only when the exact percentage is preserved. In fact, the percentage of Indians applying for Canada PR increased drastically from 13% in the year 2016 to 22 % in the initial 10 months of the year 2018. Thus, a strident mounting trend is observed in terms of receiving the Canada PR applications from the Indian citizens in Canada immigration.

It is noted that the Indian citizens who desire to apply for Canada PR have a lot of job opportunities in the coming subsequent three years via skilled worker, business and family immigration visa paths. Indeed, the Indian citizens rule the list of new Canada PR applications in Canada immigration statistics. After India, the Philippines stood the second position however accepting only half of the Canada PR in the initial 10 months period in the year 2018. China, Syria, Nigeria are the other countries who topped in the list. About 42,000 members from Syria applied to Canada PR making the country to stand top in the list.

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