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The new online platform; FastGate- an advancement to Canadian immigration

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has always been bringing exclusive facilities for people planning for Canadian immigration. This time, it’s a new online platform termed FastGate, which aims at simplifying the Canadian immigration process. One of the key factor which brings this new platform into the limelight is its ability to condense numerous paper forms in to single web forms. The FastGate allows immigrants to access information and then the website mechanically administers all data into the CIC database.

As of the sources, FastGate is actually a brainchild of law student Myles Kaufman and execution by developer Cody Wong. When asked about what made him come up with this idea, he said that there were many barriers associated to Canadian immigration, especially in terms of fling the application. He also added that considering the same, he started a research on how to make Canada process applications reach Canada by a faster means. He pondered upon the need to do away with the difficulties and minor errors associated to filing applications, which were eventually a cause for protracted application process and also rejected applications. The increasing consequences inspired Kaufman to modify the methods and make the government make a modern move towards the immigration process.

As of the news, Kaufman is now working on creation of a fast gate web form for the application process, which shall hopeful come into effect by summer 2016.

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