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The Key Requirements To Get Australia PR Visa In Australia Immigration

Australia is one of the prominent countries that most of the immigrants prefer to stay and live permanently in the country. The country introduced different visa categories such as Subclass 189 & Subclass 190 to become Australia Permanent Residents. Certain requirements should be met by the potential immigrants to attain Australia PR Visa. They need to qualify the points-based immigration system of Australia by considering the factors such as education, work experience, language expertise and age to get the Australia Permanent Residents Visa.

Submit significant documents:

The applicants need to submit two main documents such as English language proficiency test results and Skills Evaluation report from a relevant assessing authority in addition to their education and other significant documents required to attain the Australia Permanent Residents visa.

Select the exact visa category For Australia PR:

The potential applicants should choose the exact visa category such as Subclass 189 & Subclass 190 to apply for Australia PR Visa.

Select an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List:

Australia offers Skilled Occupations List(SOL) so that the applicants can apply to the relevant job category based on their skill set. The candidates need to select the job from SOL from Australia if they are interested to apply for a non-sponsored visa. At the same time, they need to select the occupation from Skilled Occupation List from a specific Australian state if they are interested to apply for the state-sponsored visa.

Apply to a point-based system of Australia:

After completing the above things, the candidates need to apply to the point-based system of Australia and should submit their EOI online by entering the significant details. However, they need to score a minimum of 60 points to get an invite for Australia Permanent Residents visa through the point-based system. The chances of getting the invite to apply for Australia PR Visa will be more if the candidate’s score is high.

Health and Character needs:

Finally, the potential candidates must reach the health and character requirements to apply for Australia PR Visa. The relevant medical examination and character verification documents need to be submitted.

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