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The differences between Quebec Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Worker

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the Canada Federal Skilled Program are two different programs, but interlinked. Both the programs, by fundamental means give you similar results; the Canadian permanent residence. At the same time, we cannot deny the fact that both process feature varied methods, timelines, processes and selection factors. Indeed, this aspect brings the potential applicants an advantage of obtaining the permanent residence status through both programs.   As per news, the governments of Quebec and Canada, both allow a candidate to apply under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and submit the Express Entry profile as long as they receive either their Quebec Selection Certificate or Invitation to Apply. On the whole, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an attractive option for individuals who desires to make an application to immigrate to Canada without having received the Invitation to Apply. Also, it is a good means for the individuals who are in the Express Entry Pool and who wish to enhance their chances of immigrating to Canada.


Let us analyze the difference between both the programs on the grounds of:


Is the program managed through Express Entry and is there any ranking system? No Yes. Also, the points are determined under the Comprehensive Ranking system.
Is there a pool of candidates? No, the program revolves around the concept of first-come, first-serve. Yes, the program associates itself with the Express Entry Pool.
Do candidates need to submit an online profile? No Yes
Is French proficiency a requirement for the program? It is not mandatory but having knowledge will help candidate with additional points. No, it is not mandatory.
Is language testing mandatory? No. But, if submits it he will be able to fetch additional points; 6 points for English language and 16 points for French language. Yes. It is mandatory for the candidate to prove his efficiency in English language.
Is there an occupation list?  No No, but there is NOC. The candidate must have at least one year’s experience in the occupation he applies for under the same.
What are the expected processing times? Uncertain about the processing time. In certain cases, the time may be reduced by eliminating the adaptability interview stage. A process time of 5-6 month is expected, calculated from the time of submission.


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