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Study in Canada from top universities

When it comes to pursue education from a foreign university, every student would want to study from a university that provides highest rate of employability. If you are thinking to study in Canada, then you should find about the universities that provide its overseas students a great employment opportunity. The list of top 18 universities of Canada among the world’s top 500 universities was published by the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018. It also published details about the success rate of students who got good job opportunities after completing their education from the respective universities.

The ranking of the universities is based on different aspects. Ranking is diverse and fair and provides a holistic view of the top universities.

  • The key performance of the ranking system is based on employer reputation and that weighs around 30%
  • The alumni outcomes and partnerships with employers per faculty are based on the collaborations with global research-oriented companies and also on the amount and quality of placements. At present this at 25% each.
  • Postgraduate employment rate and employer student connections are at 10% each.

Study in Canada from University of Toronto

UOT is one of the top ranking universities that receives highest rate of alumni and it ranks 15th in the world. Some great personalities of Canada have studied from here. It has been consistently ranking as the top university of Canada and provides ample job opportunities for students. Whether its music, industrial research or business, no matter students belongs to which stream, all fields have good employment opportunities.

Study in Canada from University of Waterloo

It stands at 24th across the world for its strong performance in the employment and partnerships category. It offers a wide range of cooperative programs for students so that they are involved in the discipline and experience the industrial culture.

Study in Canada from University of British Columbia

If you want to be an entrepreneur, UBC should be the perfect choice as it provides many opportunities to students for their career start. The entrepreneur approach from the university helps students to develop innovative thinking and research capabilities. It ranks 35th in the world for offering an extensive range of programs to suit all pursuits.

Study in Canada from McGill University or University of Alberta. Both are also the top Canadian universities ranking 42nd and 94th across the world. For more information on Canadian study visa, the application procedure, process time and top Canadian universities that are best for overseas students, get in touch with the expert student visa counsellors at Kansas Overseas Careers. Kansas has helped many candidates with their student visa application and guided in choosing the best university that can provide a great career opportunity based on student’s interest. For more information, contact us today.

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