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Preferable for skilled professionals- Canada PR visa OR Canada work Permit?

Professionals seeking for a career growth often prefer Canada as their first choice. This is because this nation, besides having vast employment opportunities this nation offers plenty benefits to its newcomers. Skilled professionals in hunt for a growing career are welcomed to the nation with an opportunity of staying back and working permanently in the nation. This happens through migration on Canada permanent resident visa.

What is a permanent resident visa?

A permanent resident visa is a permit that allows skilled professionals with eligible candidature and right skills to work, live and settle permanently in the nation. This visa grants 5-year multiple entry rights and before the visa holder reaches the 5-year tenure, he or she can apply for citizenship. What’s more amazing about the PR visa is that an accompanying spouse or common law partner also gets rights to work full time for any company in Canada.

Often people previously choose to move to Canada on work permit and now PR visas have become the trend. According to the reviews of Canada immigrants, in this era there is no good source than PR visas to make Canada a permanent home.

PR Visa is always a better choice over Canada work permit. Here’s why?

Length of Stay TRV or Work permit holders get a min. time period stay permit- which is usually not more than 1 yr Canada PR Visa holders get to live, work and settle in the foreign country forever
Area of Work These visa holders are restricted for just one job and in case of losing the job, they will have to leave the country PR Visa holders can work for any company  in Canada and can reside in the country even when they are unemployed
Government Benefits Government does not provide any kind of security benefits or social benefits to Canada TRV holders or work permit holders PR visa holders and their families get Protection under Government law, subsidized healthcare, free education, social security etc.
Mobility Restrictions TRV holders or work permit holders are entitled to certain restrictions or travel PR Visa holders are not imposed any restrictions on travel
Expensiveness Less expensive but extension/renewal charges are applicable every time to extend stay on Canada work permit Inexpensive and one-time investment
Citizenship Status No such opportunity is provided Can become a citizen in future

A skilled worker is eligible to apply for PR visa if he/she:

  • has an age under 40 years
  • holds a Bachelor’s degree
  • has min. 2 years experience in an occupation listed in Canada NOC
  • is proficient in English language- proven by IELTS assessment
  • has sound health and moral character-proven through Medicals and PCC
  • has sufficient funds to manage stay in Canada
  • reaches a score of 67 points or more (calculating all factors)

How long does it take for a skilled professional to become Canada PR?

Under a Federal Skilled Worker Visa of Canada Express Entry, it generally takes 6-8 months for a skilled professional to process his PR visa application. However, the actual results depend upon his profile strength and ability to reflect best CRS. Canada PR application journeys through the below process before it meets success:

  1. Education Credential Assessment- where skills and education are assessed so as to check whether they meet the Canadian standards
  2. Expression of Interest-Lodge the initial application with Express Entry in the form of EOI
  3. Pool of Applications- Applications lands into a pool where ranks are analyzed and ones with best ranks are picked up during a Draw
  4. ITA- Applications which are selected from the pool are issued with an Invitation to apply for Canada PR
  5. PR Application- PR fees, visa fees, medicals and PCC is to be submitted to CIC, after which the visa is granted

 Interested to apply? Here’s how to start.

To apply for a Canada PR visa, profile is evaluated and checked whether it holds the ability to score 67 points. These points are calculated for factors like age, education, experience, English proficiency, international adaptability, relation in Canada, accompanying spouse eligibility etc.

We have the best team of Initial Evaluation Experts to help you with a quick eligibility check for Canada CRS points Calculator. Leave your details here for our Experts to connect with you and share more information.

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