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New Zealand magnetizing skilled workers by upgrading methods to investment and skills

Investment and skills are essential for economic growth and to bring about higher incomes and jobs to a country. New Zealand has understood the need for enhancement of these major factors and is now up with an initiative to bring in new methods for improving investments and skills in the country.

As of the sources, Michael Woodhouse, Immigration minister said, “This year July the changes were announced to encourage entrepreneurs and skilled migrants to reside outside Auckland.”

Further he stated that New Zealand has always given high priority to its jobs sector. There are certain regions in this sector that have loopholes and welcoming high caliber migrants will eventually help the country manage better economic prospects, filling the gaps.

The improvement factors for immigrants would include tripling (from 10 points to 30 points) bonus points to apply for residence with a job offer outside Auckland and also, they would be provided with more incentives on completing a 1 year stay in the country. Likewise, entrepreneurs will have a benefit of securing double points (from 20 points to 40 points) to establish business under the Entrepreneur work visa.

The good news to add on is that Queenstown has rolled out the concept of streamlining the labor market. Doing such has enabled employers to check income and work before filing a migrant visa application.

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