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Need of IT specialists and engineers in Canada | Canada PR Visa Benefits

Canada is a country that is facing skills gap and seeking skilled professionals from various parts of the world to fulfil the skills gap. Reasons for this skills gap in Canada could be aging workforce, skills mismatch or imbalance in the demand-supply. Canada is facing a high shortage of skilled workers especially in the IT and engineering field and looking for skilled workers who can immigrate to Canada from Bangalore, India and other parts of the world to fulfil the gap. According to a report, Canada will face this skills gap for next 2-3 years more. Canada needs skilled workforce to fill the following positions:

  • Software engineers
  • Information system analysts
  • IT consultants
  • Web technicians
  • Network and computer operators and more

Canada PR visa and benefits of working in Canada

If you are a skilled individual with professional experience in the IT and engineering field, then you should make use of this opportunity and apply for Canada work visa or Canada PR visa. There are many work visa options available for Canada. If you are an Indian who is planning to immigrate to Canada from India, then just grab this opportunity. Canada work visa will not only provide you an opportunity to live and work in Canada but it also provides you permanent residency. It also includes many other benefits including highly paid salaries, great lifestyle, and free education for children and health coverage for self and your dependents. The benefits of PR visa or work visa are equivalent to a Canadian resident.

Are you looking to immigrate to Canada from India?

If you are an IT or engineering professional and planning to immigrate to Canada from India, then just don’t delay your plan. Get your profile checked for Canada work visa and proceed with your application at the earliest. According to Canada Immigration Authorities, if you want to immigrate to Canada from India, you need to clear the skills assessment which is based on a points calculator. You will have to score a minimum 67 points for various factors such as:

  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Language
  • Adaptability

Immigrate to Canada from India under Canada PR visa or work visa

Immigration to Canada under work visa is possible if you clear the skills assessment by scoring a minimum 67 points and you show sufficient funds for you and your family to survive in the country till you are employed in Canada. To understand the Canadian immigration process, you should be aware of all the visa options that can offer you work or PR visa. It is always advisable to seek professional advice and assistance in filing your visa application. As immigration involves tricky rules and regulations, experienced immigration consultants can help and guide you throughout your process. They will be aware of the change in rules and updates from the Canadian Embassy and can guide you accordingly.

Assistance in filing your application for Canada work visa

Kansas Overseas Careers is an experienced and reliable immigration consultancy whom you can trust for your smooth immigration to Canada from India. The highly experienced and qualified visa counsellors will check your profile against the Canada Express Entry points calculator 2017 and provide you genuine guidance. Get in touch with the skilled professionals at Kansas Overseas Careers for assistance in filing your visa application.

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