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Migrate to Canada with minimum CRS score


In the present situations, the candidates in the Canada Express Entry pool found that the minimum CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score needed to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) for a PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada dropped to 441 points. A common query raised among the candidates is whether the minimum CRS score for a PR will happen to decrease furthermore.

Let’s evaluate the below facts to understand the current conditions:

What do you mean by a CRS Score?

As it is known fact that the candidates who desire to migrate to Canada should undergo the immigration process through Express Entry. The applicants should create their profile by providing their details related to their age, education, the experience of work, linguistic expertise and include family member’s info to migrate to Canada. Once this is completed, the applicants attain a score out of 1200 points based on their profiles. A rank is attained for the candidates in the Canada Express Entry pool through this program. After two weeks, the immigration officials conduct a draw and shortlists the candidates depending on the top CRS score from the pool to receive ITA. Hence, CRS score to get ITA plays a key role when an individual migrates to Canada. The minimum CRS score to get ITA is recorded as 441 points and the minimum CRS score recorded in Canada Express Entry pool was 413 points in the year 2018.

Factors that estimate CRS score in the future:

One can estimate the CRS score by analyzing the factors such as time between draws, considering the new Canada Express Entry profiles submitted during the period, and based on the number of ITAs issued in every draw. It is intricate estimating the CRS score even if one analyzes the above facts.

Analysis of the Immigration target of Canada to estimate CRS score:

One can estimate the CRS score by evaluating the immigration target of Canada annually. It is observed that the current immigration target is very abrupt, and it is anticipated that the Canada Express Entry issues more ITAs in the year 2018 in comparison with the previous year to reach the prior target. Besides, in the initial four months, only 10,000 less Canada Express Entry ITAs were issued when compared to 2017 in the year 2018. It is therefore understood that the yearly immigration target of 2018 should be high in comparison with the year 2017. Hence, it is estimated that the number of ITAs issued will be same or exceed in the year 2018. In the coming months, it is projected that when Canada Express Entry ITA level matches the 2017 level, the minimum CRS score will definitely drop. However, this calculation may also be reliant on the amount of new Canada Express Entry Profiles that the candidates will submit in the year 2018.

Thus, it is understood that one cannot estimate the variations in the CRS score correctly but can fix that there is a sensible possibility so that the CRS score will drop in the year 2018. For more information on Canada Express Entry Pool and the CRS score, get in touch with Kansas Overseas Careers today.

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