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Migrate to Canada with ease

Canada immigration department provides many opportunities to the immigrants who wish to apply for Canada PR. Every year, you can see many changes and updates in the immigration rules and policies. The process of immigration to Canada is becoming better every year. Immigration policies and rules for every country are amended each year, and Canada is one among those countries. If you wish to apply for Canada PR, then you should have complete information about the immigration rules and regulations, and policy updates.

Immigration policy of Canada

Immigration rules of Canada are not different from other potential countries. Canadian immigration department strives to relax the immigration policies for the betterment of thousands of immigrants who apply for Canada PR every year. Canada is trying to ease the procedure of immigration for the applicants who are seeking permanent residency in Canada.

How was the year 2017 for the applicants?

The year 2017 was interesting for the applicants who applied for Canada PR and other immigration programs. The qualifying marks and few eligibility requirements were relaxed by the Canadian Immigration Department, so that it became much easy for the applicants to receive an invitation to apply for Canadian PR than the previous year.

Immigration to Canada in the year 2018

If you wish to migrate to Canada this year, then go ahead and apply for it. This is the best time to start to Canada PR visa procedure as Canada has come up with its multiyear immigration plan for the year 2018-2020. It is assumed, that Canada will invite a huge number of applicants in this next 3 years. The target intake of immigrants for 2018 is considered to be approximately 310000 which are much more than the intake in 2017. Canada is trying to relax the immigration rules and eligibility marks as it is seeking huge number of migrants.

Migrate to Canada under PR visa

This year, the competition among the applicants seeking Canadian permanent residency will be tough, so if you want to receive the ITA, you need to be very careful with your application. You will have to thoroughly prepare for the application, get your all documents ready and the information you provide in the application should be correct and accurate. Any kind of error in the application or missing documents can delay your PR visa process.

Apply for Canada PR with immigration consultants

Migrate to Canada with the Canada immigration consultants. Kansas Overseas Careers are the most trusted immigration consultants in India. If wish to apply for Canada PR from India, then consult Kansas Overseas Careers for a smooth immigration process. The experienced and qualified immigration counselors at Kansas will guide you with your Canada PR visa application. They will help you in filing your visa application and documentation. Kansas Overseas Careers has helped many applicants with their successful visa application over the years. To find out detailed information about the Canada immigration and the PR visa programs, get in touch with Kansas today.

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