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Looking For Australia PR in 2019-Know the Key Changes in Australia Immigration

Looking For Australia PR in 2019-Know the Key Changes in Australia Immigration

The Australia Federal Government is making significant changes in Australia immigration. All these changes majorly reflected on the ways of attaining Australia PR and other new visa categories to come in Australia immigration.

Changes in Australia PR:

Two special contracts such as Designated Area Migration Agreements with the Northern Territory state and the Great Southern Coast of Victoria are introduced to provide entry to skilled migrants who have inadequate English language ability to attain Australia PR. However, such kind of contracts needs to be engaged with dissimilar places to satisfy the requirements of those regions. Indeed, the government is concentrating in such places to fulfill the service gaps.

The advent of New Parent Visa:

The government has planned to launch a new temporary sponsored Parent Visa in Australia immigration during the initial 6-months period in the year 2019. The main objective of this visa is to allow the parents of the migrants to remain in the country for a period of five years. However, this visa was kept on hold as the accompanying regulation to it could not be accepted until November 2018.

The advent of new Sponsorship framework for Sponsored Family Visas:

The Australian Federal Parliament has accepted the Migration Amendments (Family Violence and other measures) Bill 2016 (however, with some revisions made by Government) was finally granted on 28th November 2018. This has created pathways for new sponsorship framework for sponsored visas.

Apply for a Business Visa without investment proofs:

This special Business visa was introduced with the intent to improve the South Australian economy in Australia immigration. The Federal government granted Temporary Activity Subclass 408 permitting the visa holders to be in the country for three years with their families.

Decrease the limit of migrants’ intake per annum:

The annual acceptance of immigrants in Australia immigration has been limited to 190,000 from the year 2011. This limit has decreased to about 162,000 applications offering a cut in accepting the family and skilled visas when compared to the prior years. The government has now made efforts to reduce the annual immigration intake to 160,000.

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