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Job Opportunities for Skilled IT Professionals & Engineers in Australia

Australia has been one of the most immigrant favourite destinations for people aspiring to achieve an astounding career along with good job opportunities. Australia has also been a versatile destination in welcoming immigrants. This nation with a GDP of 1.205 trillion USD and who occupies 12th largest economy in the world among other major countries is very well reviewed for its an amplitude of support for newcomers.

In the last few years, the economy of Australia has been growing rapidly & showing a massive development for immigrants, especially  in the sector of information technology. With the growing ages of IT and Engineers professionals and the lack of talented youth, the demand for IT and Engineers  from overseas has raged in Australia. This demand has not only become a pathway for skilled professionals to get employment opportunities but also has bestowed them with an ease of long term stay, known as the Australian permanent residency.

If you are an IT Professional willing to settle permanently in Australia, then the Land of Oz allows you to do so by applying for Australian Migration (Australia PR visa)  under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. To apply, all you need to do is meet the basic requirements of the GSM program, score eligible points under Australian Immigration Points Test (where points are given for age, qualification, experience, etc. and be able to nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List, Australia. To be able to nominate under the occupation list means to a have a relevant experience and degree in the respective stream. To judge whether skills of an IT professional meet the Australian requirements, Australia has made Skills Assessment a very mandatory and initial step of Australia immigration process. Consult our Experts to know more on Australia Skills Assessment.

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Job Opportunities for Skilled IT Professionals and Engineers

IT work has increased considerably as all departments are embedding to the new technology by simplifying the work by means of software tools & programs. The demand for IT engineers, Software programmers, Developer Programmer especially has been majorly in Western Australia. Skilled professionals with IT skills and PR visa have highest scopes of taking up desired jobs that are vacant in the country, since their Permanent Residency status is an advantage for them.

The most shortage roles for occupants are:

  • Developer Programmer
  • Analyst Programmer
  • Systems Analyst
  • IT Business Analyst
  • Software Programmer

If you want to migrate to Australia and live there permanently, grab this great opportunity to Migrate to Australia. Apply for a PR visa and get to work and settle in Australia. Should you wish to know your best pathway, browse through the available pathways for immigration to Australia here.

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