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Insight of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program

As Quebec is a province that has its own rules of choosing immigrants, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is the pathway for those aspiring of a flourishing career in Quebec. Just like more Canadian immigration programs, Quebec Skilled Worker Program revolves around a point based system when selecting applications for Quebec immigration. The overall points one can score in this point system pertains to one’s age, work experience, language proficiency, area of training, close relatives in Quebec, characteristics of applicant’s spouse or common law partner, a validated job offer etc.

Meeting all the criteria, if the applicant manages to score sufficient points, he will have the chances of additional points. These additional points are allotted for aspects like self-sufficiency and accompanying dependent children. Moreover, an applicant will be able to score additional points if he has good knowledge in French language. One misconception associated to the need of French for checking eligibility is that it is believed to be mandatory. The fact is, French is an essential language to migrate to Quebec. If one has knowledge of it, both in writing and speaking, it will benefit him with good scores under the point system and also secure a good job in Quebec. But, if he does not have so and holds strong credentials in other aspects, he is eligible to apply.

The minimum score for an applicant applying without accompanying spouse or common law partner is 49 points.  In case the applicant is accompanied by a spouse or a common law partner, it is mandatory for him to score at least 57 points. Following is a basic information as of how many points are allotted under the Quebec Skilled Worker program.

  • Education: up to 41 points
  • Area of training: up to 16points
  • Validated job offer: up to 10 points
  • Work experience: up to 8 points
  • Age: up to 16 points
  • Language proficiency: up to 22 points
  • Close relatives in Canada: up to 8 points
  • Accompanying Spouse characteristics: up to 17 points
  • Accompanying dependent children: up to 8 points
  • Financial self-sufficiency: 1 point

When all the eligibility factors are met, the Quebec Selection Certificate is issued to the applicants.Check your eligibility with Canada CRS points Calculator 2017. On receiving the CSQ, candidates must undergo medical and security examinations conducted by the Federal government, so as to receive their permanent resident status. .It is important that the applicant applying for the resident status should be confirm of residing only within the province of Quebec.

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