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Immigration to Quebec- preparing yourself for Quebec interview

While the re-opening of the skilled worker program for Quebec immigration has spread joy to that waiting array, simultaneously there seems to be a nervousness about the Quebec interview, which is basically an essential aspect of the Quebec immigration process. The interview is basically conducted in order to access the adaptability of the skilled applicants and their proper integration into the Quebec society. It might happen that in certain conditions, the applicant will be provided with the Quebec selection certificate (CSQ) without undergoing the interview, provided that they score well in overall under the point based selection system. However, keeping yourself prepared for the interview will help you with a smoother process.

Evaluating Adaptability

As mentioned earlier, the sole purpose of the interview is to assess the adaptability of the applicant. An applicant can score and overall of 6 points, meeting all the adaptability factors. Points are allotted accordingly for the following features:

  • Knowledge of Quebec (culture, history, values and law)
  • Knowledge of Quebec job market (cost of living and occupation status)
  • Knowledge in French language (English is mandatory)

Essential documentation

When the applicant is called for an interview, it is mandatory for him to bring all his legal documents, qualification certificates, work experience, language proficiency test results, proof of Quebec research and job market knowledge, a planned determination of how they would establish themselves in Quebec.

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