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How To Apply For Provincial Nomination Visa – Is that for everyone?

If you have been looking out for ways to settle in Canada, then let me tell you something about the Provincial Nominee Programs- today’s most trending and fastest pathway to migrate to Canada.  

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are a part of the Canada Express Entry. These programs are exclusively for Canadian provinces that require skilled talent at a faster pace in their respective regions. Since the start of 2017, more number of PR invitations are being issued under PNP programs.

Who is eligible for PNP?

  • Must be under 40 years
  • Must be a graduate with min 2 yrs work experience
  • Must score 67 points under CRS immigration points based test
  • Must meet all requirements of Express Entry

How does PNP Work?

Provincial Nominee Program is interlinked to the Canada Express Entry System. However, there are two methods of applying for PNP:

The paper based process: To apply for PNP directly, you first need to check your eligibility for PNP under non-Express Entry programs. Then, you need to file your interest for the Nomination and be nominated under the respective non-Express Entry stream.

Applying through Express Entry: This is more faster and successful method of PNP.  Initially, you need to complete all the Express Entry formalities like you do for the FSW program. Based on your profile and eligibility, you have to file for an additional Province Nomination Program for any of the province you seem eligible. Provinces conduct PNP draws frequently and invite skills that are most needed. If your profile is selected during a Draw, you will receive a nomination from the respective province or territory. This will add an additional CRS to your profile and boost your chances for ITA. You have to then, apply for a Canadian permanent residency.

Which provinces nominate?

Provinces that nominate candidates are streamlined under the PNP category of Express Entry.  Different provinces nominate under different streams. However, though Quebec is also a province it does not fall under provincial nomination (under Express Entry or non-Express Entry both). Have a look at the provinces that can nominate for skilled professionals under Express Entry Stream:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukton

How to apply for a PNP nomination?

To get a provincial nomination, there are two methods. One can directly contact a PNP program and appeal for a nomination under Express Entry stream. The second method is to create an Express Entry profile and be in view or provinces or employers. If your profile shows eligibility, provinces would send you a notification of Interest. Thereafter you can apply for visa under Express Entry and accept their Nomination through MyCIC. This entire process takes a time of couple of months.

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Are you interested to migrate to Canada under PNP?

If you believe that you have skills and caliber that could settle you in Canada by receiving a nomination, then, let’s find out your clear chances. Connect to our PNP Expert and get complete information about the program today!

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