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How Do Canada Express Entry & Canada Provincial Nominee Programs Emerge In 2019

The year 2018 has witnessed a lot of advancements in terms of Canada immigration. Over one million immigrants are welcomed into the country through multi-year immigration target plans. This established highest immigration targets to be extended till 2021 in the history of Canada to invite highly skilled workforce into the country. Both the Canada Express Entry and Canada Provincial Nominee Programs have offered permanent residence to the potential immigrants in the year 2018. Due to the increased demand for skilled workers in the upcoming years, the number of ITAs through Canada Express Entry also increased. Hence, the probability to attain PR through Canada Express Entry also augmented with the increasing number of ITAs for every few weeks.

The provinces/territories in Canada host numerous immigration programs known as Canada Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs). The allocation or the quota for Canada provincial nominee programs has also raised up. Indeed, the quota for these programs also opens and close through the year at dissimilar timings with different selection modes. PNPs provide efficient means to cater the needs of the skilled workforce in the provinces of Canada. Canada Express Entry programs are proved to be an effective and time-saving procedure in Canada immigration. Therefore, an elevated number of PNPs are starting to align with Canada Express Entry to smoothen the application procedure. However, one must ensure to possess an active profile in Canada’s EE pool to entitle for these types of Canada provincial nominee programs.

The CRS score for being shortlisted in the Express Entry remained high standing at 500 points. Since the immigration targets are more with huge applications to be processed, it is predicted that the CRS score required to get ITA will drop in the year 2019. The final EE draws conducted in the year 2018 stood as a significant push in this direction by accepting the applications with 439 points indicating the lowest cut-off, 439 points over the year. Thus, it is predicted that the year 2019 pursues to witness strong Canadian immigration rate as of 2018.

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