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How CRS points system Works – Canada Immigration

A CRS system is a Comprehensive Ranking System of Canada that is based on a points system. Applicants who wish to apply for Canada immigration has to go through the Express Entry Scheme. Canada immigration process is transparent and streamlined where applicants can be assessed through pre-assessments. An applicant needs to score minimum 67 points in the Canada immigration points calculator. The pre-assessment process through CRS scheme makes it clear whether a candidate is eligible to apply for the permanent residency visa. In this article, we will clearly explain about the Canada immigration process.

Canada immigration points calculator and eligibility parameters

  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • English language proficiency

These are the four major factors on which the skills assessment for Canada permanent residency visa is based on.  When you apply for Canada immigration visa or work visa then your application is processed through a Comprehensive ranking system in which you can score the following points against each facto in the Canada immigration point’s calculator:

  • For language proficiency, you can score between 16 to 24 points
  • Though the French language is not mandatory but if you are proficient in the language you can score additional points
  • For bachelor’s degree, you can score minimum 21 points
  • For Master’s degree, you can score 23 points
  • If you have done your PHD then you can score 25 points
  • For your age, you can score maximum 12 points
  • You can score some points for your work experience and additional points if you have an offer of employment from Canada

You should be able to score 67 or more points for Canada permanent residence visa. Candidates scoring highest in the Canada Ranking System will be invited to apply for the Canada PR through Express Entry Program. Canada Express Entry scheme is a Canada immigration program that allows the candidates application to stay in the pool for one year and within which you can be invited to apply for the Canada PR.

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