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Hong Kong Visa – A Unique Process for Hong Kong PR

Unlike Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. that grant direct permanent residency, Hong Kong gives a right to entry initially and then permanent residency can be claimed.  Here is, at a glance the process of obtaining a QMAS PR visa:

  • STAGE 1: Submission of application to QMAS- A profile/application must be created with all relevant and authentic information. This application must be submitted to QMAS.
  • STAGE 2: Educational Credential Assessment- To verify whether your education meets the educational standards of Hong Kong, the applicant must undergo an ECA.
  • STAGE 3: Pool of applications- The application submitted lands into a pool where all applications are ranked against each other based on points.
  • STAGE 4: Invitation to Apply- Upon application selection from the Pool, QMAS issues an Approval-in-principle letter. This letter means an invitation for applicant to attend an in-person interview in Hong Kong.
  • STAGE 5: You need to pay visa fees and attend an interview in Hong Kong.
  • STAGE 6: PR Visa Application- After successfully qualifying through the interview in Hong Kong, you can apply for a permanent stay.

Important points to note regarding QMAS

  • Nationals of Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Nepal and Vietnam may not apply under QMAS.
  • The interview is the essential element for an applicant on the basis of which the QMAS visa is granted.
  • Generally, a time period of 3 months is given to the applicant to move to Hong Kong after he receives his Approval in principle letter.
  • If the applicant does not qualify during the interview, he will have to return to his home country
  • Applicant needs to show sufficient funds in his bank account to settle in Hong Kong with or without family.

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