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High chances of receiving Canada PR in 2018

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and is the second largest country in the world. In addition to these two qualities, Canada has many other qualities that attract immigrants from all over the world, which is why overseas skilled workers from all over the world prefer Canada for immigration under PR visa than UK or USA.

Why is a Canada a popular choice for PR immigration?

Canada welcomes immigrants from all over the world and provides a high standard of living and ample job opportunities to the immigrants. Canada is inviting and providing PR visa to more than 3 lakh immigrants every year for past 3 years. Canada has huge requirement of skilled workers due to the tremendous growth of industrialization and IT sector in the country, at the same time it lacks skills in the country and therefore seeking overseas skilled workers. The immigration department of Canada has relaxed many immigration rules so that more and more applicants apply for the Canadian PR and live and work for the country.  In this article, we shall discuss few points that make Canada the best immigration destination in 2018.

Multilayer Immigration Plan of Canada for 2018 – 2020

With its multilayer immigration plan, government of Canada intends to invite about 1 million overseas immigrants in next 3 years. According to the reliable sources, Canada will accept around 310,000 PR visa applications in 2018, and the rate visa approvals will go on increasing every year.

Multicultural society

Canada is a multicultural country with broad minded people living in it. Canada is a peaceful country when compared to other top most develops countries of the world. Canada is loved destination for immigration. Most of the great personalities in the world have their roots in Canada.

Comfortable immigration system

Canada immigration system is transparent and it’s purely based on a points system. The express entry system of Canada is popular across the world. Canada immigration is fare and does not judge applicants on basis of their religion, race or origin. It assesses the applicants based on the important factors such as age, language skills, experience and education.

Key benefits of Canada Immigration

  • It provides high standard of living
  • It is one of the top most countries in the world for PR immigration
  • When it comes to the overall parameters, Canada is the 2nd best country for immigration
  • It is 3rd top country in providing high quality education
  • It is also considered as the 7th happiest country in the world
  • It is 4th best country in the world in providing citizenship
  • And 5th best country when it comes to raise the kids

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