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Here comes good news for all the Canada immigrants!

 Good news for all the Canada Immigrants!

This September, CIC issued about 1,545 invitations to apply for Canadian permanent residence, which is till date the largest number of invitations issued in a single draw for more than two months. An add on to the good news is that the invitation was as well issued to candidates who scored 450 and above under the Comprehensive Ranking system. Estimates show that is the lowest CRS points consideration so far.

Reports also state that a good number of candidates received an ITA, among which some did so without a qualifying job offer or a provincial nomination certification. Some even took the benefits of the Provincial Nominee programs. As per the sources, Attorney David Cohen said:

“For candidates in the Express Entry pool who are serious about realizing their Canadian immigration goals, there are four clear ways to take action; first, they can try to improve their ranking by enhancing their language skills, gaining additional work experience or completing a higher level of education.

Second, they can develop a strategy to connect with Canadian recruiters and employers. Third, they can stay up to date with the latest news on enhanced PNP streams — gathering supporting documents and getting a head start is an important factor on this front, because it has been shown that some of these opportunities only present themselves for a short time.

Lastly, candidates in the pool can take stock and have a look at some of the non-Express Entry Canadian immigration programs, such as the reopening of the International Skilled Worker – Occupation in Demand stream in Saskatchewan and the approaching application cycle for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Sometimes you can become so focused on getting through one door that you don’t even see the other doors wide open around you. In any case, candidates eligible to enter the Express Entry pool are encouraged to do so in order to maximize their chances of success.”

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