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Hassle-free Canada immigration with experienced immigration consultants

Canada has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for immigration in recent days. It is a great place for working professionals and students to migrate and explore their career. People from all over the world including Indians are well settled in Canada and employed in various industrial, management and IT sectors. With an intention to intake large number of skilled workers, the process of Canada immigration has been streamlined and made simple and faster by its government. Immigration to Canada has helped many overseas migrants to well-settle in Canada and lead a better life than their native country.

Canada immigration advantages:

  • Canada offers an extensive range of work opportunities to overseas skilled workers
  • They pay high salaries
  • The standard of living in Canada is very high and immigrants can lead a great lifestyle
  • Process of Canada immigration is simple and well-designed
  • It offers a multicultural environment, so migrants can experience different cultures and traditions
  • Canada immigration on a work visa offers permanent residency in the country
  • Immigrants on a PR visa gets equal benefits to that of a local resident of Canada
  • It offers medical coverage to you and your dependants
  • The quality and standard of education is high, so your children can have a better education
  • If you live in Canada on a PR visa for 4 continuous years then you can apply for Canada citizenship

Being a country of opportunities, Canada is chosen by many skilled workers and students for immigration. Every year a large number of applications are filed for Canada immigration. Though the process of immigration to Canada is simple and streamlines, but there are many aspects which you should understand before your start your application.

  • Canada has launched Express entry program which provides a pathway for immigration to Canada for permanent residency. Express entry program is a process of selecting potential candidates for Canada immigration.
  • Immigration to Canada is based on a points system; your profile will be scored based on the factors such as age, education, experience, language skills and more.
  • You need to take IELTS test, it is mandatory to prove your English language skills. You will have to score 7 in every band i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing.

You need to create your profile for express entry program; your profile will be assessed by IRCC and given points. If you score enough points required for Canada immigration, then you will be sent an invitation to apply for the PR visa. You can then file your permanent residency application. On receiving visa approval, you need to migrate to Canada within 90 days. Canada offers many categories through which you can apply for PR visa including federal skilled worker visa, federal skilled trades visa and a wide range of provincial nomination programs.

For more information of the visa categories and provincial nomination programs for immigration to Cananda, consult the Canada visa consultants near you. Kansas is one of the most trusted visa consultants and has assisted many candidates with their Canada immigration procedure. Consult Kansas Overseas Careers for a smooth immigration to Canada.

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