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Step by Step guide to Australian Visa – Skilled Independent Visa Sub class 189

Are you looking to Relocate? Thinking to Migrate to abroad? We suggest Australia as one of the best place to migrate as Australia was inviting skilled professionals from other countries to live Study and work in Australia. If your’e a skilled professional and you have a skill-set according to Australia skilled occupation list your’e in right place to move to Australia.

If you got found your skill-set profile in the SOL list, the next step you need to under go is “The Points Test”. Don’t be panic, it’s just a test to check your eligibility criteria for an Australian visa through a points based system. The minimum score you need to acquire is 60 points under subclass 189. These points are based upon your Age, Education, Employment Experience, English Language ability & other factors. you can check your points with Australian points checker. If you acquired the minimum points then congratulations!! as your are eligible to apply for Australian PR, but beware, eligibility does not means that you got the Visa. There is a bit more process to undergo like documentation, police clearance etc.

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If your’e in a bit confused about all this cumbersome process you can take assistance from our visa agents to enjoy the benefits of living in Australia as a permanent resident.

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