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Get your profile assessed for New Brunswick PNP

The New Brunswick PNP is a Canada provincial nominee program which is functioned by the Atlantic Province of New Brunswick. The New Brunswick is permitted to nominate candidates through PNP and apply for Canada permanent residency. The intake under New Brunswick PNP deals with Express Entry Labour Market Stream.

Eligibility for New Brunswick PNP

The intake under New Brunswick PNP is mostly under the Express Entry Labour Market Stream. To qualify under this stream you will have to fulfil the following eligibility requirements.

  • The most important requirement is that the applicants profile should be active in the Canada’s express entry pool. You can not apply for New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program if your application is not in express entry pool.
  • Your profile should score minimum 67 points out of 100
  • The candidate should have a strong intention to live and work in Canadian New Brunswick province and support its economy.

Apart from meeting the above edibility requirements, the candidate should also meet the intake requirement specific to that week. For example, the first requirement for the intake is that the applicants should have been attended the official information session attended in last 2 years. The second requirement is that, the candidate should have relevant experience in one of the priority occupations specific to that week.

The New Brunswick PNP application process

The New Brunswick PNP program is based on the Expression of Interest (EOI) system. You can submit your express of interest for New Brunswick PNP if you have an active profile in the express entry pool. Express of Interest is a small form that you need to email to the immigration department with the details of the date you attended the information session and the location from where you have attended. It should also include job title and NOC code.

Successful profiles will receive New Brunswick nomination which should be accepted by the applicants within 30 days of the receipt through Express Entry profile. When you receive the New Brunswick nomination, your application will score 600 points. Addition of these points will make your profile strong in the express entry pool and your application shall be picked quickly to send an Invitation to Apply for the Canada permanent residency. On receiving the ITA, you are supposed to apply for Canadian PR within 90 days.

Apply for New Brunswick with immigration consultants

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