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Get your eligibility checked for Australia PR visa application

Australia PR Visa provides many benefits to the overseas immigrants and is attracting many skilled workers from all over the world to apply for it. Australia Immigration Department receives a huge number of EOIs every year. Australian PR visa application system is well-organised and the assessment for the immigration is based on a points system.  There are five major factors related to your profile through which you can score points in the skills assessment. If you want to apply for Australia PR visa then you need to get your profile checked against the following factors.

Age of the applicant

When you plan to apply for Australia PR visa application, your age is an important fact. Your age should be 45 or less than that. Applicants between the age group of 25-32 years can score maximum points. The allocation of your points decreases with your age. For applicants between age group 40-44 years scores are less. And you will not score any points if your age is more than 45 years.

Your occupation should exist in SOL

If you are planning to apply for Australia PR visa, then you should check whether your skills and experience match with any of the occupations listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia.

You should be proficient in English Language

For Australia PR visa, English language proficiency is an important fact. You should be proficient in English language. IELTS is globally recognised to understand the level of English proficiency. Based on IELTS test results you can score points in the skilled assessment. You should score 6 or above in each band. You can increase your scores if you score more than 6 points.

File your EOI and score 60 points

Based on your skill assessment results, every applicant should score 60 or more points based on the factors such as age, education, work experience and language skills. You need to file your Expression of Interest (EOI) to clear the skills assessment.

Health and character certificate mandatory for Australia PR visa

At the time of your visa application, you need to have a good health. You should not suffer from any objectionable illness. This should be clearly mentioned in your medical certificate. In addition, you should also submit your character certificate, for this a police clearance certificate will be required. You should not have any criminal records.

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