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Find out why Australia immigration is safe?

If you are thinking of applying for Australia immigration then you have made a correct decision. Australia is one of the best and safest countries for immigration when compared to other countries.  Every day you hear in news that there is some terror attack in some country. People are shot dead in some other country.  But Australia is different from other countries and is absolutely safe for immigration. With a stable government, the crime rate and violence is very less in Australia. In some countries, violence is the only way of resolving conflicts. But when it comes to law in Australia, it is a well-organized.

Why is Australia safe for immigration?

There was a mass shooting in America which made headlines in the news in 2017. Many people were dead and many others got injured. Many times it heard that shooting occurred in schools of the US. Gun-related deaths took place in Australia in 2015 but comparatively, it is very less than any other country. In South Africa, the rate of murder deaths are high.

Australia’s last mass shooting in 1996

A mass shooting took place in the year 1996, when around 33 people were killed. It took place in Tasmania’s prison colony. This incident was named as the “The Port Arthur Massacre”. Martin Bryant who is now serving a life sentence of 35 years was able to buy a gun easily as there was no strict process of getting the gun registeration.

Australia’s National Firearm Agreement

Due to “The Port Arthur Massacre”, Australia formed the National Firearms Agreement and started taking strong action against the crime. Australia has some strict and interesting laws regarding the ownership of the guns or firearms. According to the law, the automatic and semi-automatic guns are only to be used by police, military and farmers or pest control workers. Firearms are issued to people who are genuinely in need of it. All the gun license holders should be over 18 years and should undergo safety training.

All the above reasons make Australia a safe country for immigration. With a strict law on usage of guns and firearms, it is only issued to people with genuine reasons. The law in Australia is strict and well-organized. Many people from all over the world choose Australia for immigration over other countries. Immigration system of Australia is also well-organized and streamlined. Immigration to Australia is hassle-free. To understand the immigration rules, visa categories and PR visa procedure, get in touch with Kansas Overseas Careers. They are one of the most trusted immigration consultants and have assisted many people with their PR visa application. For a successful Australia visa process, consult the expert team of counselors at Kansas.

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