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Evaluate the reasons for applying Canada PR

Canada is the prominent countries that you can choose to make your living with your family, build your career and establishing or expanding your business in the urban cities of Canada. Indeed, Canada has emerged as a viable option for most of us to settle permanently in the country. Apply for Canada PR if you are interested in Canada immigration. Even the United Nations have graded Canada as one of the best locations to stay permanently without any doubt.

You are required to experience a Canada immigration procedure that includes application filing, documentation and processing time to process your Canada PR application. Once you become qualified for the respective immigration category, then you can apply for it. Immigration and Citizenship of Canada sends an ITA (Invitation to Apply), wherein you need to apply for it within retro established by IRCC.

Canada Express Entry and Canada PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) are two significant Canada immigration programs in which you can apply to attain Canada PR. Canada Express Entry uses a Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) to get shortlisted whereas you must be nominated from a state/territory/province in Canada to become eligible for Canada Provincial Nominee Program.

Top reasons for applying Canada PR:

  • Canada is considered as safest locations when compared to other overseas countries. In fact, the country occupied 9.7 out of 10 in terms of safety and security as per OECD Better Life Index.
  • The country spends a lot on education and is well-known for topmost education institutions.
  • It a country with multi-cultural diversity and immigration friendly nation.
  • Offer fair and healthy medical facilities and social care benefits.
  • A home country with abundant natural resources.
  • Possesses a strong banking system without any failures in banking.
  • Have stable and progressive political climate.
  • Have an impressive legal system with special focus on law enforcement policies.

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