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Draws of Express Entry for Canada Immigration

Every year a huge number of applications are filed for Canada immigration but it is not possible for the immigration department to approve all the applications, therefore it launched a Canada express entry visa program in the year 2015. This visa program is processed through a draw system. The applications which score maximum points in the express entry scheme are picked through a draw system and will be sent an invitation to apply for the permanent residency visa. List of applicants selected through Canada express entry draw will be released by the immigration department and a huge number of immigrants are happily settled in Canada through this express entry draw.

The score of the applicants under the express entry program is calculated based on

  • Age
  • Education
  • Language proficiency
  • Skills
  • Experience

Canada on an average releases two draws every month and it is said that around 80% of the permanent resident visas are granted within every six months. When you receive an invitation to apply for the PR, you need to apply for the visa within 60 days. If you are planning on Canada immigration, then don’t delay anymore. Start your procedure today with authorised Canada visa agents.

The number of draws and the number of applications selected in the draw is purely the decision of Canada immigration department. It can vary every year. Sometimes it can drastically increase and sometimes it might decline.

Any application can remain in the express entry visa pool for 12 months. Within these 12 months, your application may or may not be picked in the draw. If you are lucky and you have scored enough points, you will be sent an invitation to apply for permanent residency; else your application is moved out of the pool after 12 months. You can again apply for the express entry visa program if you still meet the eligibility criteria.

Once you get the permanent residency for Canada, you can experience and enjoy many benefits of permanent residency such as multicultural lifestyle, right to live and work in Canada, free health and education. Canada provides many highly paid job opportunities to the skilled immigrants in its IT and industrial sector. After a continuous stay of four years in Canada, you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

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