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Do you know the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is going to align with Express Entry shortly?

The Canadian government announced an update on the Quebec Skilled Worker Program recently. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an independent PNP program that chooses the candidates using a particular point score procedure. You can now apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program through the Express Entry system in Canada. On March 28th, 2018, the Canadian government declared that it is planning to align this program soon. However, this change will reflect on the system only from 3rd August 2018. Hence, if the Quebec Skilled Worker Program aligns with express entry soon, then the application processing time will get reduced to less than a year.

Let’s understand what happens if this change gets implemented

Earlier, the applicant’s immigration procedure would get complete after getting CSQ (Certificate deselection Quebec) from Quebec and then it would get submitted to MIDI.  But now as per the new procedure, the applicant requires to submit a federal application with the selection certificate.

Therefore, this type of Express Entry related immigration scheme will be relevant for the candidates who do not own accepted French employment from MIDI (or) are not staying in the Quebec province during filing the application. So, the applicants can simply continue their application procedure via Canada.ca website instead of applying via Quebec based immigration website.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program shortlists the candidates based on a specific point score (50/59) considering the applicant’s age, French expertise, employment accepted in the province, work experience, and education factors. However, Quebec made compulsory for the candidates to acquire at least B2 level of equivalency in the French language and in contrast, sufficing with the only CLB5 level of scores in English. Thus, the candidates can skip English level exams but not French level exams to obtain immigration in the province of Quebec. On top of TEF Canada, TEF is mandatory to qualify for the French level tests in the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

In fact, Quebec grants points for the candidates who maintain sufficient funds in their bank accounts. But, it is not mandatory as this help the candidates get only 1 point as per Quebec Skilled Worker Program rules. However, the fund requirements differ with the number of people who migrate along with the candidates. For an individual, it is 3016 CAD and for a couple, it is 4,422$.

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