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Different types of immigration visas for migrating to United States

Who does not want a life in the United States? The place that’s been known for its vibrant culture and a flourishing economy, United States holds great career prospects for those who are skilled and wish for a successful career in that prosperous nation. Just like the other countries, the first step to migrant to US is obtaining an immigrant visa. But before going for one, it is important that you have basic knowledge of different types of visa and how they may help you migrate.

One of the most common visas is the family-based immigrant visa. This visa is basically nothing but a visa sponsorship from family member who has already obtained US citizenship or who owns a green card. Family based visas are often associated to lengthy waiting time, which in certain cases acts as a drawback too.

The second way to obtain an immigrant visa is by the means of an employer sponsorship. One of the basic criteria for this visa is the lack of workforce in the business sector. Businesses that employ immigrants must prove that there aren’t enough qualified workers in the United States to meet their needs. This visa is not associated to a lengthy waiting time, but dire economic climate and high unemployment rates cause a hindrance for many businessmen to welcome immigrants and contribute to the country’s growth.

Another means of obtaining a US visa to US is by Diversity Lottery. As the program aims to increase immigration from underrepresented countries, the State Department targets only some countries each year who are permissible to apply for the Diversity Lottery. As per the sources, only about 50,000 immigrants annually are granted visas from this process.


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