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Difference between the Denmark green card and a visa

It is often seen that due to lack of knowledge, people planning for Immigration to Denmark from India interpret a general visa for a green card. The reason could be the close relation both these documentaries share in the immigration process. While both, a visa and a green card, are issued by the government, they are subjected to a petite difference.

What is a Denmark visa?

A Denmark visa is a documentary issued to a noncitizen of Denmark by the government, showing his formal permission to enter that country. A visa helps the person to stay in Denmark temporarily. By the means of a visa the non-citizen has an authorization to travel to the Denmark, live there within the time frame granted and is embargoed any kind of employment (subjected to the type of visa).

Some countries also issue an exit visa when you plan to emigrate from the country.

What is a Denmark green card?

A green card is basically an evidence of your legal and permanent residency in Denmark. Most people take green cards to be an immigrant visa and as such they are mistake green cards for visas. While a Denmark visa has certain time frame, the Denmark Green Card associates its applicant with a residency permit valid up to 3 years. This means that a person can own a residence in Denmark and the Denmark green card stays the evidence of his ownership. For applying for a green card in the Denmark, it is mandatory for one to hold a nonimmigrant visa at the same time.

For example, if anyone prefers for Denmark immigration from India, first he needs to have a visa. Simultaneously, he must also have to pass the eligibility test, which is basically a point based test. When applying for a Denmark green card, it is always better to take aid from reliable Denmark immigration consultants. They will give you a complete guide on the process and formalities associated.

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