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Check Your Eligibility Criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

QSWP is established by the Government of Quebec and the Canadian Federal Government. This program mainly facilitates the extremely qualified and skilled foreign residents to migrate to Quebec as a proficient workforce. The skill set of the potential migrants applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program are analyzed based on the chosen network of factors.  The applicants attaining sufficient score are offered with a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) so they can use this certificate to apply for Canadian Permanent residency then.

Let’s explore the eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

About nine selection factors are evaluated to decide the eligibility criteria for the QSWP. Depending on these Quebec migration selection criteria, Quebec Skilled Worker Program points are allocated to the potential immigrant applicants. However, QSWP points are regulated to recognize the probable immigrants who can develop financially in Quebec once shortlisted. A single applicant who desires to immigrate to Canada as a Quebec- selected skilled worker should get a minimum score of 50 points to succeed. Subsequently, the prospective immigrants who are accompanied with a spouse or a common-law partner should get a minimum of 59 points to entitle for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program employs a points-assessment system to reward points to the prospective applicants based on the following factors:

  • Work experience
  • Age
  • Have a genuine employment offer in Quebec.
  • The candidates without an employment offer can still apply for QSWP.
  • Linguistic Ability: The applicants need to qualify a mandatory French proficiency test even though it is not an eligibility need for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  • The candidates without enough ability in French language but with the solid background in other knowledge areas can still apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  • Have any prior association with Quebec by staying with their families and so on.
  • Have an immigrant’s spouse or common-law partner,
  • The applicants need to successfully finish their therapeutic and safety examinations to acquire a PR status after issuing CSQ to them, and
  • Should have agoal to stay within the area of Quebec.

Thus, the potential candidates can apply for a PR application to the Government of Canada after obtaining CSQ.

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