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Canada Quebec Skilled Workers Program

With beautiful attractions, Quebec is one of the most popular immigration destinations in Canada. Quebec’s official language is French and it has many English speaking communities. It shares the border with the Atlantic province of Canada and is very close to New York. Montreal is one of the most popular cities of Canada with a wide range of English language institutions and this city is within Quebec.

Quebec has many industries and needs skilled workers from all over the world. If you are seeking Canada PR, then you can apply for Canada Quebec Skilled Workers Program and fulfil the skills gap of this province.

Quebec is a wealthy province with the following factors contributing in its economic growth.

  • Plentiful mineral resources
  • Boom in information and technology sector
  • Development of biotechnology
  • Airspace and much more

Quebec is one of the most developed provinces of Canada and it offers extensive opportunities to overseas skilled workers. It is seeking skilled and experienced professional to fulfil the skills gap in industrial sector and contribute in the economic growth of the province.

You can apply for Canada PR through Quebec Provincial Nomination Program, if you are:

  • Educated
  • Competent
  • Having skills that are in demand in Quebec
  • Capable of contributing in the economic growth of the province

Assessment for Quebec Provincial Nomination Program is based on a points system. It is considered as the Canada PR visa for immigration. It provides you access to the domestic job market. You need not have any work permit from Canada or job offer or employer who can sponsor you. You will need to clear the initial assessment based on the factors such as age, education, experience, language skills and should be nominated by Quebec. You should be proficient in English or French language.

Canada receives a huge number of applications under Quebec skilled nomination program. It chooses potential candidates with relevant skills and expertise suitable for the skilled occupations in Quebec and sends invitations to apply for the permanent residency visa.

If you are an experienced skilled worker thinking of migrating to Canada, then get your profile checked for Quebec PN or other provincial nomination programs. Kansas Overseas Careers can guide and advice you with suitable PR visa programs. The experienced team at Kansas can help with your entire visa process. They will check your profile for eligibility against Quebec provincial nomination program. Consult Kansas Overseas Careers today and submit your profile for an initial assessment. Kansas has helped many applicants with Quebec Skilled Worker PNP visa.

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