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Canada PR through provincial nominee program

The Provincial Nominee Program is executed depending on the nomination offered by the respective province to the prospective immigrants who prefer to immigrate to particular provinces of Canada. It is one of the quick choices for potential immigrants who wish to become residents of Canada. Each province in Canada consists of its separate and sole Provincial Nominee Program except for Quebec. To identify the immigrants who satisfy the Provincial Nominee Program requirements, the provinces together with IRCC have come up with their independent group of standards. To extremely improve the demographic gap in their labor force impacted by the retirement of the baby boom generation, the provinces and territories in Canada employ Provincial Nominee Programs as a concrete and well-organized methods to endorse the individuals. Every province adapts its Provincial Nominee Programs’ necessities and standards to recognize the best individuals who are able to assimilate into the life and philosophy of the province and work to yield prolific outputs.

The Basic requirements and Suitability norms for immigration under the Provincial Nominee Program:

Each area in Canada has developed its own suitability norms and provisions for the nomination. Typically, the provisions for nomination are made for three groups of immigrants.

  • For the immigrants who have recognized an employer in the province and are ready to promote them,
  • For the immigrants who need service in the province, and
  • For the independent immigrants.

The Base Provincial Nominee Program:

The Base Provincial Nomination scheme permits the provinces to nominate individuals who are not eligible for immigration under the Express Entry Program (EEP). Also, this scheme reveals up an auxiliary path for immigration for such individuals. Hence, the individual just needs to reach the prerequisite stipulations imposed by the respective province as a provincial nominee.

The potential candidates who desire to migrate to a specific province using the Base Provincial Nomination Scheme have to experience a two-step procedure before they enter into Canada. They include:

  • He/she needs to meet the criteria for a PNP scheme, apply for it and get a nomination certificate from the province of his/her need.
  • Then, he/she needs to apply to the federal government with the nomination certificate.

If the concerned applicant completes the medical and security checks, then he/she will be granted the permanent resident status.

The Enhanced Provincial Nominee Program:

The Enhanced Provisional Nomination scheme connects with the Provincial Nominee Program with the Express Entry program. i.e., it is accessible to the immigrants who are eligible to immigrate using the Express Entry program and have received a nomination from a specific province under the PNP.

Thus, the candidates can become eligible for immigration under the Express Entry Scheme and can benefit from the Provincial Nominee Program even though being barred under the Express Entry Scheme.

For more information about Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada and their eligibility requirements, get in touch with Kansas Overseas Careers today. If your application is in the express entry pool and your profile is suitable for any Canadian provinces, then your profile might get picked under PNP and you will be sent an invitation to apply for Canada PR.

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