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Canada or Australia, Get your Profile Checked Today

Whether you immigrate to Canada or Australia, both are the most aspiring countries for immigration and Permanent residency. Canada and Australia are among the few best countries that provide good opportunities to live and work in the respective countries. You can check your eligibility for both the countries and to whichever country your profile and skills match with the requirement in the country, you can proceed with your application further.

Canada PR

If you wish to migrate to Canada then there are many visa options available that can give you permanent residency visa. If you are a skilled worker and have education and experience that is in demand in Canada, then you can apply for Canada PR or work visa. Assessment for Canadian permanent residency visa is based on a points system and the minimum points for eligibility are 67 points. You will be allocated 67 points based on the factors such as age, education, English language skills, experience. In addition, you also need to show proof of funds to survive in Canada until you are legally employed in the country.

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Australia PR

If are planning to immigrate to Australia, then you are taking the right decision. Australia is equally good as Canada for immigration. For Australian immigration or permanent residency, there are many visa options available. Assessment for Australian PR visa is also based on points based system like Canada. To get and ITA for Australian PR, you need to score minimum 60 points in the skill select against your age, education, experience and language skills.

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Similarities between Canada and Australia PR

  • Canada and Australia both are looking for skilled immigrants who can migrate and fulfil the skills gap in the country.
  • Great work opportunities
  • Highly paid salaries
  • High standard of culture
  • Healthcare benefits for self and family
  • High-quality education for children

If you are unable to choose between Canada and Australia, seek professional help. Contact Kansas Overseas Careers for genuine advice and guidance for visa process from India. The experienced consultants will assess your profile for Canada and Australia and let you know which country you are eligible for immigration.

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