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Canada’s new way to match Job Seekers with advertised jobs

In the very recent days, the Immigration Department of Canada announced their initiative of having a Job Match Service. Through this service, job seekers registered with Job Bank for Canadian Permanent Residency (under Express Entry) can be easily matched to an advertised job position in Canada, that best suit their interest as well as their skills. This service came into effect from August 28, 2017.

Job Bank and Job Match Service- what’s the link

Both of these platforms are strongly interlinked. The motive behind introducing the Job Match service was to ease the connection process of Canadian employers and job seekers registered with Job Bank. The Job Match Services automatically matches job seeker profiles with job advertisements made by Canadian employers.

How does the Job Match Service work?

The Job Match service is for temporary workers as well as job seekers under Canada Express Entry System (both high wage and low wage). Initially job seekers create a profile with Job Bank, which features all details of their previous experience, education, skills etc. When any Canadian employer advertises for the vacancies at his organization, Job Match Service potentially and automatically matches the ad with profiles that meet the ad’s requirements. Based upon the job seeker’s compatibly, employers rate the match on a scale of one to five. For instance, if a job seeker is rated five star, the match connected by Job Match service stands perfect for the role. Likewise, if the employer gives a one star rating, the connection is a slight match for the required role. On finding eligible matches, Canadian employers contact the job seeker and proceed with the interview formalities.

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The mandatory conditions While there are no restrictions or conditions for Canadian employers looking out for overseas workers through Canada Express Entry, the Canadian government has put certain restrictions on the hiring of temporary foreign workers. Canadian employers who want to hire workers through the TWFP must mandatorily use the Job Match service before applying for the Labout Market Impact Assessment. Besides, they also need to have three additional ways of hiring (among which they can keep provincial/territorial Job Bank as an option). Moreover, employers rated 2 stars or more must have to invite all matched job seekers within 30 days. Employers under The International Mobility Program (IMP), NAFTA, Intra company transfer etc. are exempted from these conditions.

How to register with Job Bank for job search?

Though Job Bank registration is now voluntary, having a profile with Job Bank always boost the chances of getting in view of the employers at a faster pace. Ask Our Team for assistance on registering with Job Bank and increasing your chances of getting hired for Canadian employers.

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