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Canada Immigration – dos and don’ts

Migrating to Canada with a permanent residency is a dream come true for many potential applicants. Immigration do a different country is a big decision and that means you have to start everything from scratch in a foreign country, while few migrants can be lucky for having their friends, relatives or prior offer of employment from Canada. But for migrants who do not have any kind of support in the foreign country will have to start everything on their own and choose their path. In this article, we shall discuss about some dos and don’ts that every migrant should follow when they migrant to Canada for the first time.

  • Do not compare with anyone

Experience of Canada immigration can be different for every applicant. Your journey of Canada immigration is unique and things may be different for you and the other permanent resident who is holding same experience and qualification as you. So never compare your journey of Canada PR with any other person.

  • Mandatory financial requirements

When you enter Canada with a PR, it is very important that you apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and medical health card. You are not permitted to work in Canada without having SIN. You should also open your bank account in Canada. You should handle your SIN card safely and should not share it with anyone, else you might get into trouble.

  • Finding right accommodation

Finding an accommodation for Canada permanent residents is not difficult in the country. You just need to be sure, what kind of accommodation you need. If you are alone or just a couple, you can choose a small place in a trendy locality but if you have kids then you should find a place where you have schools, supermarkets and parks nearby. You can find good rental adds in local newspaper or rentfaster.com and kijiji.ca.

  • Finding a good job

Canada immigration with a PR visa means that you are a skilled worker and you have relevant skills and experience that is required in Canadian skilled occupations. Canada provides good employment opportunities to all immigrants with decent pay. So whatever job you get, take it with respect and dignity.

  • Take care of your expenses

This suggestion is for those who are still searching for a job. You should take care of your expenses till you find a job for yourself. You should be sure of what you really need and what you do not. During your job search phase, do not hesitate to buy things from second hand stores. It will help you in saving money.

On Canadian immigration with a PR, you need to take care of other important things such as don’t keep yourself isolated from your neighbourhood, you should improve your social networks. Making new contact and networks will be always helpful. You can think of investing in real estate after finding a suitable job. Start sending money back to your loved ones back in your home country. You should stay positive in all situations and should balance your professional and personal life to lead a happy life.

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