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Benefits of Australia General Skilled Migration visa’s

Australia, popularly known as the Land of Oz has a special visa pathway called the General Skilled Migration Scheme through which an eligible skilled professional can apply for Australian permanent residency. This scheme features a range of PR visas, which a professional can choose from depending upon his category of work or his purpose of immigration. The subclass 189, subclass 190, subclass 489, subclass 476 visas come under this category.

Benefits of GSM visa programs

Any visa chosen from the General Migration Scheme of Australia has the following benefits:

  • Fair visa system– wherein applications are considered based on their ability to score points
  • Quick process- permanent resident visas of the GSM scheme involve a processing time of 6-8 months
  • Family migration– eligible applicants are allowed to incorporate their spouse and dependent kids in the applicant. Moreover, adding eligible spouse factors can help increase points.
  • Visa of multiple entries- Any PR visa obtained through this stream gives the visa holder and accompanying family members the right to enter to and fro from the country without any restrictions
  • Medicare coverage- PR visa holders who apply for a permanent residency visa under the GSM program can claim free medical and healthcare for holding a permanent residency status.
  • Citizenship rights- Applying for a citizenship status of Australia becomes a quicker and easier process for applicants who hold a visa of any GSM program. Within a span of 3-4 yrs, he/she can claim Australian citizenship.

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Quick application for quicker success

Since Australia PR visa operates on a points-based system, is there any way to get a visa faster- this is a question asked by many aspirants aiming for Australia immigration. Certainly, migrating to Australia is a points-based visa and can result in a faster process if an applicant is able to boost his points time to time. The best ways to boost points and have a quicker PR in hand are:

  • Apply as the occupations quota opens (recent opening took place in July)
  • Apply when the rules are most flexible and favourable (2017 has been reported to be best year)
  • Incorporate eligible spouse in application and enhance points
  • Simultaneously search for job and claim additional score on a valid job offer
  • Strive for State nomination since it increases points and preference for employment

A professional assistance is always the first step to stay guided in the immigration process. Consult our Australia visa consultants in Chennai to know which of the GSM programs best suit your profile and your quickest chances to settle in Australia.

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