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Want To Travel Australia from India – Know the VFS Procedure to Apply For Australia Tourist Visa

In the current times, several Indians desire to visit Australia due to its gorgeous scenery and good economic background. Australia Immigration offers different travel visa categories to the aspiring visitors from India. VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) handles the Australia visa process successfully for Indian visitors. Australia Tourist Visa applied through VFS involved paperwork earlier. Ever since from 2016, Australia immigration have undergone a lot of variations in its Australia Tourist Visa application rules and policies.

Let’s check them:

  • A new online submission procedure is introduced to apply directly as a substitute to earlier offline procedure
  • Increase in processing time from prior 10 – 15 days to 24 working days to avail Australia Tourist visa (15 – business, 10 – for transit visa)
  • A marginal increase in the visa fee (INR 9000 = 150 AUD Australian consulate fee, INR 1500+ VFS fee)
  • The required documents can be scanned and uploaded avoiding prior attestation and verification by VFS staff and charging Rs.10 per each page

Even though, the core documents that you need to submit remained the same as earlier. The required documents that you need to submit depends on your purpose of visit to Australia. Everything, you need to include in your application form should be done online. The required documents include:

  • Online Application form duly filled
  • Show financial evidences including bank statements, ITR and Credit cards attested by relevant banks
  • Travel details including the return tickets, hotel reservation day wise route
  • Family details
  • Cover letter and leave letter for employed people

It is noted that the online submission with VFS can help you make your Australia Tourist visa procedure faster when compared to others. However, the fee is identical for both online and offline modes.

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