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Australia Skilled Worker Visa under Global Talent Scheme

Australia is a prominent country that encourages the skilled workforce to move into Australian business streams. The country introduced a new Global Talent Scheme for the Australia Skilled Worker Visa applicants. The companies in Australia are provided with a prospect to import skilled workers from diverse regions of the world who are planning to migrate to Australia under the Global Talent Scheme. At the same time, the companies can even welcome skills that are not fully standard by the government. Two main streams are included in the Global Talent Scheme:

  • Established Business Stream (Publicly listed companies and those companies whose two consecutive revenues each greater than $4 million; and
  • Start-up Stream (includes newly-established companies in diverse fields)

However, the applicants who wish to migrate to Australia and decided to apply for Australia Skilled Worker Visa need to fulfill certain conditions in terms of their annual income proceedings. For detailed information on Australia Skilled Worker Visa requirements, get in touch with Australia immigration consultants.

The Australia Skilled Worker Visa applicants need to be nominated by a successful and fixed business. It is mandatory that the businesses need to show that they provided preference to the Australian workers initially. Even the companies associated with established business stream and start-up steam should undergo labor market testing on every position. If not, it may result in getting the Australia Skilled Worker Visa application rejected. In addition, the applicant should be a reputed corporate citizen without any immigration rules or workplace breaches.

The applicants need to:

  • meet the character, health and security need and be proficient in English,
  • Hold at least 3 years work experience in a directly related position with at least income of $180,000 per annum (partial can be equity)
  • Qualifications must be in line with highly skilled roles.

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